Franchisee Rules:- Yet To Decide But Can Think About It In Future.

Kidz And Company – Rules And Regulation Will Share A Modified One Later

  • The play zone is being monitored at all times with CCTV Cameras. However, ward remain the responsibility of their parents or caretakers or such guardians who are assisting ward to the arena
  • No Own and Outside food or drinks are allowed on the soft mat area or on the Cafe floor. In case of any damage caused to the property by the ward or visitors, the same shall be recovered from the concerned visitors or party host who has booked the arena for celebration.
  • Kidz and Company reserves the right to deny the permission of taking photos and videos for any reason whatsoever. Kidz and Company reserves the right to use the photos and videos for promotional and other purposes.
  • Kidz and Company shall not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to the personal belongings of the visitors.
  • Kidz and Company reserves the right to deny access or remove anyone from the premises for any reason whatsoever.
  • All ward and visitors shall use the facilities at Kidz and Company at their own risk and Kidz and Company and its staff shall not be liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur due to (i) carelessness or negligence on the part of the ward and visitors or (ii) unsafe play and inappropriate use of the play equipment.
  • No shoes or slippers are allowed in the play zone.
  • Any sharp objects like pens, buckles, jewelry, coins etc. shall be removed before entering the play zone, anyone found in possession of the subject material would be penalized for any loss so caused and be removed immediately from the premises.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited in the play zone.
  • Use of any type of party blasters or crackers is strictly prohibited inside the premises.

The Arena is sanitize regularly, would request to take care of your ward for any allergies that they are aware of in their ward.