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Shanti Mitral (Adarsh Nagar) 2-06-2017

Super Awesome place.

Surabh Ajmera 03-06-2017

Loved it very nice place with excellent food.

Neha Sethi 03-06-2017

superb, Very nice.

Sonal Kocholiya 04-06-2017

Very nice place, lovely food too.

Meenakshi 06-06-2017

Amazing Race, Nice Concept.

Shweta Godia 06-06-2017

Very nice.

Nidhi Agrawal 8-06-2017

Great place for kids and us too.

Juhi Singhai 08-06-2017

Great place for family.


Nice place for kids (little bit experience).

Khushboo chawla

Wow experience for our kids. Tasty yummy food, would love to come again and again.

Arpit 24-06-2017

Great job done, God gives you success and happiness in this. And hope that you would not only succeed but also set standard. Good luck.

Rajesh Sagham 24-06-2017

Amazing !!! superb concept ! all the very best !

Mrs. Paridhi Jain 24-06-2017

Done an excellent job, keep going and make more ventures.

Mrs. Shikha 25-06-2017

Amazing place for kids.

Ajay Parwani 25-06-2017

God place for kids.

Sakshi Arora 25-06-2017

I awesome place for kids. Our kids enjoyed a lot.

Harpreet Singh 25-06-17

Great place for kids to have fun! Amazing ambiance of café.

Vishruti Arora 29-06 –2017

Excellent Concept and very well done! The atmosphere is very lovely. Keep it up! And good luck.

Ashvira Thelis  30-06-2017

Super place, super food, super time.

Suata Rwna 30-06-2017

Good place, I enjoyed.

Reena Chandra 30-06-2017

Very nice place, super food, kids for fun.

Kanchan Bhatia 30-06-17

Very nice.

Jai Chawla 30-06-2017

Very nice.

Abhinav Chawla 30-06-2017

Awesome fun, thanks for hosting us.

 Apoorva Kasciwal 30-06-2017

Nice place for kids and ideas to pleasant environment, excellent hosting. Thanks.

 Vikas Jain 1-07-2017

Very nice, very fresh place for kids.

Rimika singhai 09-07-2017

Awesome concept, a great place for kids to hang out!!!

Seema 09-07-2017

Good concept, good ambiance.

Ashish 09-07-2017

Superb concept no doubt, Excellent place for kids & their families to hang out together.

Rashi Kothari 10-07-2017

Loved the place & food & ambiance. Hats off to your patience.